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Our Albums

Somewhere, by Dowally (2018):

Dowally’s highly anticipated second album is a culmination of much more jamming, writing and development as a band. Here, 8 out of 10 of the tracks are original compositions and 2 are (perhaps surprising) arranged covers. The album has been described as “a teeming mass of musical ideas and cultural exchanges” (Living Tradition) and “rather splendid” (The Herald, Highlights of the Week). Several reviewers described enjoying the record for its unpredictable twists, turns and “emotional intensity” (Northern Sky Magazine). Indeed, Northern Sky commented - “This is music that goes where it needs to, finding its own way and confounding expectations”.

Artwork by Rafaela Taylor

Dowally, by Dowally (2015):

Initially planned as a demo, Graham Coe expertly recorded and mixed this first album in Napier University music studios in 2015. It consists of all original tunes, performed with the raw edge and palpable energy of a new band. The compositions vary from tender and spacious to rough and wild.

Artwork by Heedi Design.



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